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Unlike builders who only a few skills such as carpentry may have mastered or as an electrician, the PV installer a combination of skills. These include working with line after Radzinsky, grounding , and other skills of an electrician, but much more. ‘An not not for most of the time on a roof,’he said that the job is a bit more difficult.

In August, he was COO and chose the company ‘s Board of Directors.

The program will cost $ 50,000 to Radzinsky’s company $ 60 per student for two years of training. For now , the program is to start small with Renewable Power Solutions with four trainees on board within one month, and room for six in its first year. It’s a small start, but Radzinsky hopes that other solar companies, at least in California, meet the same standards and help put a lot more people to work – .. Apprentices in the program start at $ 14 an hour and end at $ 28 per hour when the two-year program ends. Along with the daily work with of a journeyman installer it includes classroom training and homework.

Irani in 2014 to retire.Chazen joined Occidental in 1994 as executive vice president. Continue reading

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