Said, referring to – bond swap deal, says finance minister Greek Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos was hopeful on Tuesday finally reached the business with private bondholders, the key to a new bailout package for the country.

A deal on the PSI element of the new rescue package is crucial if the new bailout package may apply.

* The Swiss UBS consumption indicator rose to 1.66 in March , an increase of 0.21 points from the previous month, said the Swiss Bank economists.

* Kuros meets primary endpoint in a Phase IIb trial of KUR-113 in patients with open tibial shaft fractures.* Uster Technologies, said Richard Furter, Head of Textile Technology, has retired and Thomas Nasiou appointed as his successor. 6,455 The Swiss blue – chip SMI SSMI is set to open 3 points to 6,455 points, pre – market data showed bank Clariden Leu. CLPRE.Last week flow provisional approval of the winding , which Hostess about a year. Hostess closure would loose more than 18,000 working their jobs.

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