SYDNEY – Caltex Australia has announced that it will Kurnell Kurnell refinery and turn it into a big fuels import terminal?. More than 330 employees will lose their jobs, while up to 300 contractors of the cut surface could.? Caltex? Said the refinery was old and relatively small and? Not? Compete with modern, large-scale and efficient Asian refineries.

Working with the University of Florida and the National Marine Fisheries Service, the FDA is training workers to smell fish come into docks and labs. NOAA also has his own sniffing program. With 55 employees on the labor market and another 55 in training According to Steve Ottwell, ity of Florida professor with the FDA’s program participate, the sniffer is only the first level of acquisition, even a load of shrimp goes through their hands, it to further testing to further testing.. ?.? Closure of the refinery, of the company reduce exposure to volatile refining earnings and investments, as Kurnell require considerable investment, run safely and reliably told Caltex Kurnell AU lost $ 208 million last year and? an additional AU $ 60 million in which first three months of this year, the society shaken hands.

To light.Fears of insufficient supply of oil exporter in Libyan and possible unrest in other major producers the Middle East are be sent U.S. Crude futures by 14 %, her biggest weekly profits since March 2009.

The development situation in the Middle East and Northern Africa in Focus of me next week, disturbances broke out first into Tunisia, and from where. Rapidly in Egypt and will Bahrain to, Yemen and other.