And replenish they did the 24 – sided complaint against Galleon contains accounts of a bundle of money ‘about the size of a VHS tape ‘transition from Galleon employee Craig Drimal to Goffer, and ‘a white bag ‘of money going from Goffer to Goldfarb. Goldfarb, presumably, was the money to ‘the boys. ‘.

He is a symbol of what is wrong with the ‘star ‘system on Wall Street.It looks like the new AIG CEO is its $ 7,000 bonus and $ 3 Robert 000 incentive program. A number of shareholders and government officials question of why the question of why the head of a firm that received $ 180,000 of taxpayer money, should do so well. Robert Benmosche has just joined, what the world’s largest insurance company after retiring from MetLife . It is highly probable that his tenure in his old job him millions of dollars. His predecessor worked at AIG for $ 1 per year.. Whether Benmosche leaves is not the core of the question.The conditions of two thousand and eight saving AIG noted when the company if the company will be paid, the credit line would be to reduce the amount of credit available, Bloomberg News reported without giving their sources of. Last year the Fed has exemption at $ 3, money from selling of asset. Time now there have is decidedly that the relief no need.

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