The win Hollande of the Socialist Party in France not only the euro – zone crisis debate debate on growth, has pushed a new impetus for ideas that Merkel has refrained in the past , possibly including debt metalization. ‘What is the time frame in advance on the path to Euro bonds was now even shorter, because the deterioration in the crisis,’a second EU official said. ‘There must be a resolution around Greece before any sort of confidence comes back to the markets, ‘said Andrew Wells, Global Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income at Fidelity Worldwide Investment..

‘This package of proposals will be euro bonds and I will not be alone in proposing them, I had the confirmation on this at the G8. ‘ ‘The euro bonds debate is again front and center and Hollande is the support of other leaders, if he raises,’an EU official said. ‘It is not something overnight overnight – it is a lot to be covered in the first place. But it is a desire for an action plan for euro bonds ‘.5 billion package of new austerity measures for the coming two years, for more emergency loan from payments require was defeated. – ‘What do we have reached today we attained that an extension,’said the Minister of , the Parliament. ‘If we does not that the prolongation, present we not only needs to withdraw action in the worth of Euro 13.5 billion . ‘.

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