Orlando, Florida Available rooms: rented room 3620: 2424.. Summer stands out as an extraordinary time for tourists to New York City to visit, because it is easier, reservations at top restaurants and tickets score popular shows as many locals have left the city. If it is not too hot, visitors to Central Park and the new High Line in Chelsea. After Tiffany Townsend, Available roomsof Communications and Government Affairs at NYC & Company, the city expects about 12.9 million visitors this summer.

Tourists spend $ 7 billion a year and in 2013, 29.9 million people visited San Diego. Atlanta, Rooms available: 2020 rented room: 1 Ironically East Center for Business, has developed the home of Coca-Cola and CNN now as a top destination for tourists due to its top-tier cultural opportunities. After the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau, the city has a $ 10000000000 Hospitality , which offers 230,000 jobs, as it offers to 34 million tourists every year. The growing industry. From recent additions such as the Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the world, the benefits established in 2005 Washington, DC Available rooms: rented rooms 2044: 1,200.

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