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The remnants of days than HP PC businessMore on all that in a minute. First, let’s check the numbers. Turnover rose by 1 percent to $ 31.2 billion in fiscal third quarter HP. Roughly in line with estimates, while non – GAAP earnings by 2 percent to $ 1.10 per share Analysts had expected $ 1.09 per share in adjusted earnings. That is the good news. The bad? HP reduced guidance for both the fourth quarter and the full fiscal year.. The conversion we do is to solve several quarters full. I do not believe this action lightly. I know our investors happy happy in this position, and I did not I.14.5 billion euros jaw Bailout and Facebook CatastropheGreek premier Lucas Papademos has said his turbulence coalition of am Freitag accept a tough international rescue package or to condemn the nation to disaster. We can not be accept that Greece go bust, he said at the Cabinet meeting. Our priority is to do whatever, order to approve to new economic program and go to the new loan agreement shall. .

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To bankruptcy facing bankruptcy if it will receive the funds from the IMF and of the European Union until the if there has in pay back 14.5 billion euros at bonds due. 48 – LAOS cabinet members resigned only commanded by Karatzaferis and was support the deeply unpopular pack if Parliament votes, potentially on Sundays or Mondays. The Socialist PASOK party, one of three called in the national unity authorities on their legislature to voting for the rescue, and analysts said it still thought the Parliament would transfer the deeply unpopular package.. A group of 35 MEPs from PASOK party, its official support has broken, protested against the Print of euro ministers Athens told, avoided.