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During the financial crisis threatened AIG bets on mortgage – backed securities and other toxic assets, to topple the company The company has received a total of $ 182,000 in emergency funds since its near-collapse in September 2008, AIG. Has been selling off assets underlying its financial position strengthened to repay the government and its independence.The fate from Acapulco and the wider the Mexican tourist sector is critical to the national economy and future of government out of Minister Felipe Calderon party who for re-election in 2015.

But the idea that Acapulco making uncertain the most damage, said Pedro Haces, President of the town of Association of Hotels and Tourism companies. Factoring in rebates, income from tourism in Acapulco might fall 15 % this year, Haces said. In September, he stepped abseiling adventures abseiling adventure guide on Mexico in a film by the U.S. Public Broadcasting System. – People have started to going out at night again, said Osiris Torres, head of concierge the luxury resort where the guests will pay up to 23,000 peso per night.