It is conceivable that in his own shop, Amazon buyers could browse the goods and then look on for the best deal, as the company does not just sell directly to the consumer but also by third-party retailers -. For consumers, it adds another opportunity for them to comparison and shop for Amazon, it adds an additional sales channel, says Lambert. – But Craig Johnson, president and CEO of retail consultancy Customer Growth Partners, says an Amazon store would mainly a bid make a bold make a bold marketing statement, a kind of working billboard. .. And Amazon stores as merchandise as merchandise showrooms of the retailer well-oiled product distribution model that was developed, in part, would be found to serve the consumers at the lowest prices, says Lambert.

Mark Lewis, a partner at Bracewell & Giuliani LLP in Washington and a specialist in the Pipeline bill, said the oil sands will to the United States case whether the oil comes to the United States or not.The downgrading exerts more pressure on euro zone leaders will be make the weekend resolve the crisis solution to the crisis. Britain’s Guardian newspaper reported on Tuesday by that France and Germany have improve to the euro area resolution funds to $ 2 trillion EUR to gain what markets in.

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